Gojira steals the show

This past Halloween I traveled to Long Island, NY to see Mastodon. I have been a huge Mastodon fan for a while now and was very excited to finally see them live. Gojira was a notable opener for Mastodon on the bill. I had listened to their latest, L'enfant Sauvage and liked it very much.

Gojira absolutely stole that show in a number of ways. Their energy blew me away. The venue had terrible acoustics, yet Gojira sounded as good as possible. Mastodon was a let down mostly because Brent Hinds' microphone was off throughout the entire set. Gojira made my trip worth it and I became a true fan of this band. Here is a video I took of their song "Vacuity" which interestingly enough has become one of my favorite songs by them.

The Bronx - "IV" - One of the best rock records I have heard this year

I discovered IV by The Bronx on Rdio this week as it showed up in my Heavy Rotation section, which highlights albums listened to the most by people I follow there.. Released earlier this year, this is the band's fourth album and I have never heard of them. I clicked play and instantaneously thought this is the type of album that I search and wait for constantly. This is pure, honest, energetic rock. This album sounds like a cage match between Middle Class Rut and The Vines which is then interrupted by White Lung and then bombarded by and finished off by, earlier Local H.

There is nothing fancy on this album. It is straight ahead, straight forward rock driven by great raw melodies and bite sized hooks. While it is easy to recommend IV as a whole, there is a 1,2,3 punch that stands out to me with "Youth Wasted", "Too Many Devils", and "Pilot Light". Those three songs in a row comprise a good meaty portion of what this album has to offer. This album does not relent and I would not want it any other way. 

I am  glad that bands are still creating albums like this. With this album, The Bronx have earned a spot on my running playlist, Best of 2013.

Turn it loud up on Rdio.

Or use my Amazon affiliate link to buy the vinyl version. 

The Bronx (IV)
By The Bronx