Countdown To Cataclysm

I have been a player of World of Warcraft since its beginning in 2004. I have all of the collector’s editions and Cataclysm will be no exception. Sure there are periods where I do not get to play, but when an expansion comes out, it is an open invitation for players both inactive and active to enjoy the new content in its fresh new glory.

In my circle of friends we have coined the phrase “when everything goes back to zero” referring to when the new expansion drops. Zero, as it is so succinctly put, means that once Cataclysm ravages all of Azeroth, everything is reset. Your gear and items mean nothing. All that you have accomplished in even the largest of raids now becomes obsolete and only good for bragging rights. Even the hardest of the hardcore level 80’s will have to start leveling again and take the time to get the best gear possible once they hit the new level cap of 85.

It is no surprise then that this time period from now until December 7th is merely a countdown. For my personal taste, there is not much worth doing. Sure it might be worth stocking up on Honor points or Justice points. Some people are looking to maximize their achievements as well. It might even be worth taking one final tour of the zones before they are changed forever, but December 7th is really the day I am looking forward to.

The greatest thing about “Zero” is that it is a great time for old players to come back and for people that have never experienced the game to be on a level playing field with the entire population of the game. In the world of MMO’s, expansions are never guaranteed (They seem to be with WoW though) so when they do come along, if you were ever considering joining, it sure is a good time to jump in.

World of Warcraft is a phenomenon. It truly is a fantastic game and is one that has changed PC gaming forever. It has claimed the lives of some. It has spawned many things like funny videosnew kinds of websites, and even new ways to hold funerals. WoW is even used as a measurement of computer power before a purchase: ”As long as it can run WoW, I’ll be fine”.

Do you play WoW?