One of my biggest passions in life is technology. My other passions require it and revolve around it. My career has been based on it since 1999. Being able to break into Information Technology was made possible and fueled by my innate curiosity on the subject and my ability to fix, test, and tinker with computers at an early age. I thrive on problem solving.

All of the positions I have held allowed me to, and required me to, maintain knowledge of bleeding edge technology. I feed off of this and it is a big part of what drives me every day.

My IT career began back in 1999 as a webmaster for a nonprofit organization and evolved into IT management in higher education. In between, I supported a major online reseller's systems department which ranged from daily desktop support to managing 24/7 production web servers that ran the business.

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

Since 2005, I have had the unique opportunity to manage and use several different 3D printers including models by 3D Systems, Zcorp, Dimension, Ultimaker, Lulzbot, and more. It is exciting to see that today, 3D printing is making its way to the home and beyond hobbyists at a rapid pace.

As the software and hardware continues to improve and become more user friendly, rapid prototyping will find more and more uses. 

I have had the pleasure of being able to manage and use some of the best laser cutting systems in the industry. In addition, in 2006 I was introduced to the Kuka 5-axis milling robot which I came to know quite well.


I picked up the drums when I was very young. I moved on to guitar and singing during my teenage years. I created the band Tranzgression with two friends in 1999. I will always create new original music for the rest of my life. Tranzgression will be around for as long as I am.